Iran pistachio Export

Iranian pistachio is the best in the world, The flavor and diversity and species production

sales export Iranian dates

Export value Iranian dates in 2011 arrived over of 174 million dollars. Major exports the dates include Mazafati, Shahani, Kabkab, Zahedi, Piarom, Estamaran

Largest exporter of saffron

Iran is the largest producer of saffron, with more than 95% of production in the world, that exports to 45 countries in the world

what is a DTC S2S or StoS (Financial services) Transfer?

what is a DTC S2S or StoS (Financial services) Transfer?
A DTC transfer allows you to transfer DTC S2S or StoS (Financial services) Fund from  account to another account.
interbank DTC S2S or StoS (Financial services) download your account from anywhere in the world, and Steer it to investment.
Can your sender accept this procedure :
The two things that is need first is Screenshot and the Contract, Then  the draft of the Power of Attorney that shall be filled as bank request, Then every thing will moves quickly.
1- Contract
2- Screenshot
3- Power of Attorney
The sender of the DTC funds give the details to provider, and provider will upload the funds via DTC to his account.
 You can be contact with Sara investment co. Only with this email


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