Iran pistachio Export

Iranian pistachio is the best in the world, The flavor and diversity and species production

sales export Iranian dates

Export value Iranian dates in 2011 arrived over of 174 million dollars. Major exports the dates include Mazafati, Shahani, Kabkab, Zahedi, Piarom, Estamaran

Largest exporter of saffron

Iran is the largest producer of saffron, with more than 95% of production in the world, that exports to 45 countries in the world

Investment in Iran, Gohar Nab Sara Co.

Investment in Iran, Gohar Nab Sara Co


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Definition of Investment:
Foreign investment is the use of foreign capital, return on investment and interest in activities that risk is borne by the investor Based on the law, foreign investment is classified into two general methods as follows:
A.) Legal partnership (direct investment):


Foreign investors to invest in shares in a company, whether new or existing, is Iran. The amount of Contributions the stock of foreign investment in the Iranian company is not function restrictions And investment to capital ratio or its share in the company, could be involved in the management and administration of its affairs.
B.) Contractual arrangements:


To set the ways in which the use of foreign capital only to agreements between sides function contract. In other words, the rights of foreign investors as a result of his direct involvement in the Iranian capital investment would not be, It relies solely on contractual agreements sides. Foreign investment in all sectors within the framework of contractual arrangements can be made. Return on investment and economic performance benefits of these investments is also the location of the investment project without relying on government guarantees, banks and public companies have done.
Procedures for Foreign Investments in Iran
1 - Foreign Direct Investment: Allowed in all areas of the company, Gohar nabe Sara company allowing investors to provide natural and legal In order to enter into new or existing designs reputable cash through banks in third other countries (due to embargo Iranian banks already) take action.
2 - indirect foreign investment in this area can be classified into three categories of investment.
A) progect financing
B) buy bacic
C) Types of methods of construction, operation and transference  )bot) 
Through direct investment Gohar nabe Sara company
 Our fields offers numerous high-efficiency investment return and principal profit due date will be appropriate and reasonable.
1-investment in basic industries and infrastructure:
In the field of basic industries and infrastructure products and services for this sector is said to have a direct impact on other industries This is the most unit in the state-owned sector. Such as the steel industry, construction, dams, of power generationPower Plant, ...


2 - Investment in industries Small and early return:
 Created industrial settlements and industrial areas in the city of Mashhad (Tus), Isfahan, Hamedan, Iran, Alborz Industrial method, Kaveh, Tehran, Tehran, and can be named for the small industries to achieve operational efficiency and faster named. these industries can be leather industry, confectionery, and more.
3 - investment in intermediate goods:
 Commodity which is used to produce other goods, For example, using steel sheets for automobile bodies. The intermediate goods, also called producer goods. For example, the inhabitants of the sea coast of dried fish in ancient Greece and sheep in Tibet and the Indian tea and sugar packets In Africa pearls, shells and animal skins in Canada were intermediate good.
4 - Investment Service Areas:
In this field the customer service is getting paid by of urbanization development industry has seen a lot of progress. Given that Iran is an ancient country and unspoiled natural scenery It would be fruitful to invest in this sector, including the establishment of ground and air transportation companies, tourist services, hotel and ...
5 - investment in the construction and construction:
 In the field of urbanization development, particularly in Tehran and neighboring countries using cheap manpower Specialist and abundant raw materials in Iran and in adjacent territories can bring good prospects for an attractive investment.
6 - financial and credit investment in the field:
 Iran steps up to achieve self sufficiency progress in various sectors including industry, agriculture and services in both the private sector and What the public sector in dire need of capital are cash and we can steer your investments in this sector to manage.
7 - Investment in agriculture:
 With regard to agricultural products in high demand both inside and outside the country can Investment helpful., Such as rearing a variety of fish, birds, chickens, cultivating nuts (pistachios, almonds, raisins, etc.) mentioned.


8 - Investments in the field of oil, gas, petrochemicals and downstream industries:
 Iran's huge oil and gas resources of particular interest to invest in this sector. To complete the construction of the refinery facilities such as refineries, producing petrochemicals, and ...
9 - Investment conversion industries:
Most of the material in different sectors, including agriculture, mining and conversion industries in Iran and countries in the region was destroyed due to Many of which can be easily and with very good benefit to domestic consumption and export. Such as food production, marble and more.
10 - investments in fields Hygiene & Health:
 As you know, in the health sector costs are very high, and the government also provides ample support for the development of this industry Therefore, investment in this sector is very reasonable and justifiable.
Types of Investments interest payments in Gohar Nab Sara co. IRAN
1 - Fixed: annual interest to be paid according to the contract.
2 - variable: according to the company's profits in different projects and participation of persons legal and real divided logically.
1-2) variables an independent investment: from zero to one hundred projects are done by an investor.
2-2) compound variable investment: will partnerships with projects unfinished or under construction with other investors.  
Investment conditions:
1 - Must be specify type of investment and origin of money.
2 - determine areas of investment
3 - type of profit payment
4 - Duration of contract
5 - the real owners, real and legal investors
6 - Investment in legitimate sector
7 - Refusal invest with money laundering
Ideas and investment opportunities in Iran:
Gohar nabe Sara company after many years of successful experience in the field of business activity and export Nuts and engineering consulting, Introduce investment opportunities, Feasibility studies and providing technology Now another important step towards providing new services to investors Applicants respectable investors and financial ability and investment in small and large industries are quick impact, Taken and ready to provide service to all Hon customers are saying.
The company and the expertise to accurately identify investment opportunities in food industries, chemical, petrochemical, polymers, recycled, cellulose, textiles, building and construction, agriculture, medicine, metal and other industries, studied hundreds of quick impact projects in the industries mentioned above is discussed.
Managers, engineers, experts and all employees that the company hoped to provide better services, Trusted advisor to all investors in this sector of the industry and take more effective steps to take the country's economic and industrial, development. To this end.
Gohar nabe Sara company attempted to prepare pure summary sample projects using databases and related software and that they can see taking following:
1- The sample design was obviously based on the estimated capacity is supposed to do.
2- Information contained in the plan is based on primary criteria must be extracted and to update them on any given time of the bank to be used.
3- IT technology and design capacity using the current market conditions and should be selected based on the results of the evaluation of technical and market information and will update the market.
4- Terms of Financial Facilities based on the existing rules of banking and credit must be adjusted and the study design, the new rules will apply to them.
5-All financial parameters are given in the following aspects of the proposed schemes and with less investment and more can also be applicable.
1 - Food Industries designs and ideas
2 - ideas of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
 3 - designs and ideas, and tourist services
 4 - Ideas construction industry
 5 - auto industry ideas
 6 - ideas minerals and mining industry
7 ideas electrical industry
8- design ideas and medical industries.
 9 - ideas Chemical Industry
10 - plans and ideas plastic
11-Recycling Industries designs and ideas
12 - ideas steel industry
13 - Chemical projects and ideas
14 - ideas for textile and leather
 15 - Ideas Industry
16 - Industrial Designs and Ideas PC
 17 - appliances industry Idea
18 - Idea Bank or financial institution

Important reasons for investment in Iran:  
1- Being located on the Silk Road
2- There are numerous ways the country communication
3- easy access to numerous markets in the region (Middle East, neighboring Commonwealth and ….
4- existence rich mineral resources (raw materials)
5- The use of cheap labor
6- Improving economic conditions, political stability and risk reduction
7- tax policy (tax exemptions and discounts)
8- lower trade barriers and tariffs reasonable
9- - the infrastructure, low cost of fuel and energy
10- Having natural resource, fertile soil and ...
11 - growing economy in recent years despite sanctions
12 - economy with a bright future to become a fast growing economy in between the regional countries
13 - Most young people in the region
14 - young, dynamic and educated jobseekers
15 - The development infrastructure in information technology , the Internet and the development of Telecommunications and Energy
16 - There are many different means of transportation on land, sea and air

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