Iran pistachio Export

Iranian pistachio is the best in the world, The flavor and diversity and species production

sales export Iranian dates

Export value Iranian dates in 2011 arrived over of 174 million dollars. Major exports the dates include Mazafati, Shahani, Kabkab, Zahedi, Piarom, Estamaran

Largest exporter of saffron

Iran is the largest producer of saffron, with more than 95% of production in the world, that exports to 45 countries in the world

Golden Raisins, iran raisins export company, Gohar Nab Sara Co

Golden Raisins, iran raisins export company, Gohar Nab Sara Co:
Gohar Nab Sara, iran raisins export company and supplier in a variety of raisins including golden raisins. Golden raisins wholesale.
we can supply good quality golden raisins with good price directly from manufacturer.
Raisin is a dried grape. Raisins are produced in many regions of the world and may be eaten raw or used in cooking, baking and brewing.
Our company is able to offer the best quality Raisin based on FOB Bandar Abbas & CFR any European or Asian ports at present. Prices are very competitive.
Gohar nab sara, the largest company for export the iranian Raisin to around the world.
In process this product used from seedless grapes variety. Golden Raisins are made using sulfur fumigation process and shade dried so they are golden amber in color with a naturally sweet and fruity flavor. This popular kind is produced from grapes with special natural characteristics and particular sugar level. After being double washed, golden raisins are dried, coated with vegetable oil, stemmed, mechanically cleaned, laser and hand sorted then materials detected under extreme care of hygienic conditions and with legal and safety requirements and the customers special specifications. Order

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