Packaging Saffron , Dates , Nuts , Pistachio , Almond , Walnut , Raisin , Hazelnut , Fig

Packaging Saffron , Dates , Nuts , Pistachio , Almond , Walnut , Raisin , Hazelnut , Fig 
Gohar Nab Sara co. Products includes Saffron, Dates, Nuts (Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, Hazelnuts, and Figs) which are best packed in the form of pulp, cellophane, and box. We can also pack products according to what design our customers want the design be. You can watch some of product packaging at the top this page in the running slideshow.
In Saranuts Co. Ltd we are hiring the best and modern  technology and experienced and expertise personnels in Producing and Packaging Products. Today we are one of the most important  company in the field of exportation of nuts in world wide.

In saranuts, we can also deliver our products in bulk format and high tonnage.

Weights available for Saffron Packing:
  • - 0.5 gr
  • - 1 gr
  • - 1.5 gr
  • - 2.0 gr
  • - 3.0 gr

Weights available for Dates Packaging:

  • - 50 gr
  • - 100 gr
  • - 200 gr
  • - 300 gr
  • - 400 gr
  • - 500 gr
Weights available for Nuts packaging:
  • - 50 gr
  • - 100 gr
  • - 150 gr
  • - 200 gr
  • - 250 gr

Mixed Products:
By mixing products, we can reach to new products that can be used as snack proper for all ages. Mixed products also can be produced by mixing our products and other products other than what we produce.

Here we have listed our mixed. These are produced in customized packaging for our customers:

  • - Mixture of Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins
  • - Pistachios, Raisins and Almonds
  • - Pistachios, Hazelnuts and other dried fruits (that are not substantially part of our products) that are packed inclusively for our customers.

Customized Packaging:
Saranuts Co. Ltd honorably appreciates all feedbacks you sent us. Also according to what our customers send us as graphic design, we will use the design for packaging their products so that they get what they wanted from us.